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james mcavoy revealed in a blind item as the following:

This married foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor from a huge franchise that is set to have another release soon was walking the streets when he spotted a woman trying to change a flat tire. It was beginning to rain and the actor handed the woman his umbrella and changed the tire himself. The woman had no idea who the guy was until they started talking when she was thanking him and he ended up giving her passes to the premiere of his new movie.

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Anonymous asked: can i ask the source for that interview where james gets asked what Michael is called in his cell phone?

Of course! The interview is here. The source has also been added to the post. 

  • Interviewer: I know that you and Michael Fassbender are BFFs. What is he under in your cell phone?
  • James McAvoy: Oooo... just "Fass." It's not a nickname. It's just what he's in my phone as.